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Studies and Policies

A key mission of the ECPR is supporting the development of the discipline. To achieve this, we undertake a number of regular and ad hoc studies and projects looking at the challenges facing scholars studying political science across the world. We look at how the discipline works now, and how things could be improved in order to build a more inclusive and diverse community, with the object of supporting and nurturing both research and careers.  


Working Group on Academic Freedom

Implementing a discussion on protecting the academic freedom of scholars within our community.


Working Group on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Identifying and responding to areas of underrepresentation across our activities and the wider community.


World of Political Science Survey

Collecting important insights into the discipline and academic life on a broad geographical scale.

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Code of Conduct

Ensuring that everyone can always work within a safe and respectful environment.

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Gender Equality Plan

Advancing towards gender-equal composition across our sub-organisations, activities and events.

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Gender Study

Monitoring participation and representation of women across our activities, operations and leadership.

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Membership Survey

Gathering valuable insights and feedback from across our global membership to drive improvement.

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Data Access

and research transparency

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Open Access

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Event Fees

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